National Racing Compact

Application Process

Application Process

Applications are available online and at participating commission offices and race tracks and at selected industry events. They are also available by mail upon request.

Applications may be submitted via the internet, faxed or mailed to the Compact office. Payment may be made by check or credit card.

The following is the application process:
  • Make application directly to the National Racing Compact or through participating State Licensing offices
  • Submit:

    • The completed, signed application, Individual State fees & the National Licensing Fee of $300 (3 years)
    • A passport-type photograph and,
    • A set of fingerprints on the RCI or National License fingerprint card.

  • Upon approval, each applicant will be sent a national license which is good for three years. If an application cannot be approved, the applicant will be notified of the non-approval and reasons why the application cannot be processed further.
Once an applicant has received a national license, it will only be necessary to send a participant's fee for each additional participating state in which the applicant will be racing. This can be handled with a credit card and a phone call to the NRC.